Arquederma Clinicians

ArqueDerma® Educationists

Our aggressive marketing efforts combined with rave reviews from ArqueDerma patients, have created a significant demand for Licensed ArqueDerma Practitioners.

To meet this demand, Leslie has chosen experienced Licensed ArqueDerma Practitioners to become ArqueDerma Trainers. These trainers have extensive experience with the technique as Licensed ArqueDerma Practitioners, and have subsequently completed an extensive 50-hour, one-on-one course with Leslie at her clinic in Los Angeles, or at their own clinics.

Leslie has chosen these trainers for their unique artistic talents their abilities to enhance and unveil hidden beauty using the ArqueDerma Technique, and for their explicit capacities to master and teach the technique.

<a href="/leslie-fletcher-rn-mep-c/">Leslie Fletcher, RN, MEP-C</a>

Leslie Fletcher, RN, MEP-C

Torrance, California, USA
<a href="/michele-messiah-pa-c/">Michele Messiah, PA-C</a>

Michele Messiah, PA-C

Torrance, CA USA
<a href="/grace-mclaurin-pa-c/">Grace McLaurin PA-C</a>

Grace McLaurin PA-C

Hickory, NC, USA
<a href="/dr-sarah-boxley/">Dr. Sarah Boxley</a>

Dr. Sarah Boxley

Western Australia
<a href="/michelle-balbi-rn/">Michelle Balbi, RN</a>

Michelle Balbi, RN

Allentown, PA, USA
<a href="/sarah-skillett-rn/">Sarah Skillett, RN</a>

Sarah Skillett, RN

Overland, KS, USA
<a href="/belinda-hammergren-rn-bsn/">Belinda Hammergren, RN, BSN</a>

Belinda Hammergren, RN, BSN

Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
<a href="/jenny-garland-ms-bsn-rn/">Jenny Garland, MS, BSN, RN</a>

Jenny Garland, MS, BSN, RN

Castle Rock, Colorado USA