Can you get even more our of your fillers?

Fillers and injectables reside in every dermatologist’s and plastic surgeon’s anti-aging tool kit for obvious reasons: they give instant volume and line-erasing benefits without any permanent commitment. And while we are firm believers in seeking out the expertise of only board-certified, properly trained and qualified expert injectors to do your fillers, a new patented technique is expected to make its mark with the currently used hyaluronic acid fillers. Known as ArqueDerma Artistic Restoration Lift, it claims to give even more natural results by safely disrupting and removing damaged collagen to fill in folds and hollows while administering the filling gel in a layering-like technique. ArqueDerma claims to extend the use of dermal fillers by up to 40 percent becuase of increased collagen activity.

New Beauty Article, Winter 2013