Testimonials come to us every day from both patients and our Licensed Practitioners. They are not solicited, nor is anyone paid to endorse the ArqueDerma® technique. Please let us know how ArqueDerma® has changed your life by writing to us at info@arquederma.com. We would like to hear from you. Of course, we will obtain your approval before we post. See what others are saying!

Note: ArqueDerma® Artistic Restoration Lift™ is the new name and branding for the technique that has been known as Injectable Thread Lift™ since 2007. You will find testimonials referring to both names: the technique and impressive results are interchangeable.

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Testimonials From ArqueDerma® Patients

At age 66 a tired look is considered the norm… NOT SO! I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the unique technique known as the ‘ArqueDerma® Lift’. I was transformed to an uplifting, youthful, natural, refreshed appearance with minimal discomfort and definitely no down time with instant results. The one word that comes to mind is ‘Rejuvenation’. The entire experience was definitely not ordinary, but extraordinary! So thankful.

I am 38 this year, and since having the ArqueDerma® lift six months ago, I have been carded two out of the 4 times I’ve tried to order a drink. Before that, I had not been carded for about 10 years, so that just tells me I look at least 10 years younger than I did before the lift! If you are planning to get fillers, you MUST do it using this technique. Trust me, I have had it both ways, and there really is no comparison. It’s not even close to the old way of doing things.

I had only heard of the ArqueDerma® technique from friends, but didn’t expect to see such wonderful changes! I cannot tell you how happy I am with my appearance! Such natural, youthful looking results! Leslie is AWESOME and is a magician with the needle. You can definitely tell she has so much passion for what she does. Many Thanks.

I want to express my appreciation for your exceptional (what I am calling) ‘embroidery with a needle’. This is truly a marvel. I plan to tell all my friends about you and the innovation of the ArqueDerma® Lift! My face tells the story. It looks SO GOOD! I meant it when I told you ‘the needle in your hands is organic’. Your needle is to you what the trumpet was to Miles Davis. You are a true gift!

My wife has been getting non surgical treatments for years. (She tried to hide it, but I knew) She looked so refreshed after her treatments; I finally made her admit to me what she has been doing. After it was out in the open, she suggested I see about having some stuff done to ‘maintain my youth’, I think is how she put it. Code words for ‘You are getting old too, let’s not look like it if we don’t have too.’ Long story short, I had the ArqueDerma® lifting technique and if I don’t mind saying so, I think I look pretty darn good. My colleagues have said subtle things to me like, ‘It looks like you enjoyed your vacation.’, and ‘You look so healthy.’ Those are comments you want to hear from people, not ‘What did you do to your face?’ A natural, more youthful look: that is what the ArqueDerma® Lift can do for you.

I knew something was different about this technique the moment I felt my skin being pulled upward during the injection. I have had almost every technique/ injector around for the last 15 years, and I have never seen results even close to the ArqueDerma® technique. In my opinion, there is nothing that compares to it, surgically, or non-surgically.

Testimonials From Licensed ArqueDerma®Practitioners

This new technique is revolutionary. The ArqueDerma® technique uses trusted injectable products and orients them in a way that provides much more support for the tissue. It is more effective at eliminating folds and wrinkles than traditional techniques and it rejuvenates the surrounding areas as well. As a plastic surgeon, I have seen many gimmicks promoted in the past, but this technique truly makes a difference.

The ArqueDerma® technique is truly revolutionary. It uses less product than conventional injection techniques. The procedure moves tissue back where it is supposed to be and provides structural support to the face which gives a very natural appearance. Patients are amazed with the results and love that it doesn’t look like they had any cosmetic work done!

Hi Leslie, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for sharing your breakthrough technology with us yesterday. On my two hour drive home, I kept going through the techniques in my head. What an ingenious way to approach the aging face! Now when someone comes to me pulling her face back with two hands, I can offer an alternative to surgery. As an injector, I could not imagine an entirely different approach. Your technique is revolutionary. I absolutely would recommend this course to others. I wish you much success and again, thank you for sharing!

When Leslie first presented this technique at a seminar I attended, my initial reaction was ‘No, this doesn’t make sense!’ However, during the actual hands-on session later, I saw the amazing results to the nasolabial folds using this method. I was made a believer. I have since used it in my practice for the nasolabial folds and the marionette lines with very gratifying and satisfactory results to both the patient and me. The results look very natural and one area in particular that is amazing is how the cheeks are held back and don’t fall down or forward while smiling.

The injectable filler aspect of my practice has grown tremendously since I have started using the ArqueDerma® technique. I love having patients come in for their follow up visits, and tell me numerous stories about how their friends or colleagues are asking them if they’ve had a facelift. We have also seen a 50% increase in our ‘word of mouth’ referrals since we started AQD! This technique is cutting-edge.

Dear Leslie: I want to thank you for your diligence in elevating the status of the nursing profession. It takes a courageous person to step out and challenge the conventional norms and blaze the trail for others to benefit. I learned so much from your ArqueDerma® Lift course that I will be using in my practice. I know that what I have learned will transform the way I approach patients’ aesthetic needs and I am grateful for that valuable tool. Cheers to you!

Thank you so much for your wonderful training and insight. You are a fabulous trainer and have a developed a phenomenal technique. I actually got to use a portion of the technique on a couple of patients today and they looked awesome. I have a patient whose lips I ‘do’ and I used the technique above the vermillion border because she had that little indention at the corners. She had never done her lower-she has awesome lips already, yet done the ArqueDerma® way- looked fabulous!! I can’t thank you enough!

Leslie-First, I want you to know how excited I am to have taken the class and it was excellent! My stepmother and I discussed how you are such an excellent teacher all the way home, including your patience and dedication to promote excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine. We thought that you were brilliant to come up with this new technique and we had no doubt that you have a God given talent. She was so excited and happy to learn about my cosmetic world and I could tell during the drive home, that she was uplifted and felt so blessed that she was able to have the technique done to her while you were teaching. Blessings!

Testimonials From ArqueDerma® Educationists

Leslie, I just want to thank you once again for the amazing training you offered us on Saturday. You were inspiring and your technique is one of the most innovative and exciting things I’ve seen in a long while. It brings an ability to correct difficult and challenging areas with an aesthetic elegance not possible with conventional techniques. Again, thank you so very much for sharing this revolutionary technique.

ArqueDerma®! This revolutionary technique has changed the way I look at a face, and changed the way I use dermal fillers. There simply is no turning back. It has opened up so many different options for achieving a lift while using almost half the product. The results are beautiful and natural as this method directly addresses the primary signs of aging by restoring and enhancing the client’s natural features, lifting instead of filling. These results are not possible using the traditional filling techniques. Learning and sharing this innovation literally puts a smile on my face and… those of my patients.

  • This is not just a conventional dermal filling training course. I have a choice of hundreds of training courses in t he UK, but not one has offered the advanced, innovative technique that I have been searching for, and found, in ArqueDerma®.
  • I have spent many, many hours searching the internet, books, papers etc before finding ArqueDerma®. In my opinion, it is the most innovative and cutting edge treatment for the use of commercial dermal fillers that I have ever come across.
  • I am always on the lookout for new, cutting edge, unique treatments that result in superb outcomes and ArqueDerma® ticks all my boxes for safety, longevity, cost effectiveness and end result ….patient satisfaction. Happy patient=Happy practitioner.
  • It is part of my ‘duty of care’ as a professional nurse to continually develop and advance professionally and as such, introduce up-to-date, beneficial patient treatments based on research into my practice. In my quest to offer superior procedures for better patient outcomes, I have now transitioned from the conventional methods of using dermal fillers to a far superior method of ArqueDerma®. This technique does not add bulk and weight to the already drooping face (conventional method) but redistributes the weight and bulk by focusing on anchoring tissue and building up and strengthening the underlying structural support system.
  • The world of Aesthetic medicine should know and practice this genuine innovative technique.

Testimonials From Business Representatives From Leading Pharmaceutical Companies

My experience with ArqueDerma® and Leslie Fletcher, RN has been amazing! I have been using her for years, since the innovation of this technique. My territory has many, very experienced injectors and Leslie was able to help me advance their skills through the ArqueDerma® technique and also help solidify my product as the number one filler in my region! Additionally, all my accounts have grown after they took the ArqueDerma® course, and they continue to grow under her continued mentorship. She is a wonderful instructor and her technique will provide your injectors with a new, exciting way to treat the aging face.

Hi Leslie, I just wanted to send a huge thank you for conducting the training for me last Friday. All of the attendees have reached out to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the training and learning from you. One of the models has called to say she is thrilled with her injections and that she can’t stop looking at the results! Thank you again for making the drive and sharing your expertise and experience with my accounts. I greatly appreciate it. I look forward to working with you again soon!

I am amazed each time an account goes through your ArqueDerma® training. They are always shocked at how their multiple years of injectable experience did not prepare them for such an incredible technique and new way of achieving total facial rejuvenation. I often hear comments that they now feel they can treat patients that typically they would have referred to a plastic surgeon. Amazing technique, knowledgeable trainers and unbelievable results!!